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“Fluid” is an LGBTQ animated comedy series that follows Dave Davidson, a neurotic, sexually fluid self-saboteur who has terrible judgment when it comes to dating.

"The Orgy" (Proof of Concept)

Animatic Storyboard

Main Characters


Dave is an insecure bisexual who tries way too hard to win the affection of the man or woman he’s currently pursuing, constantly leading to schemes, farces, and situations in which he is in way over his head.



Granny Dave is Dave’s hot blooded nymphomaniac grandmother — and also his roommate. While she is Dave’s best friend and confidant, she’s also prone to throwing him under the bus if it suits her interest.




Dr. Bearenstein is Dave's paternal STD doctor who Dave sees so often that Dr. Bearenstein allotted him a custom pricing system dubbed "The Infinity Package." Philosophical, earnest, and existential, Dr. Bearenstein is desperately trying to find meaning in life and will experiment with everything from hobbies to near-death experiences in order to feel some sense of purpose.



Fin is Dave's successful and cutthroat ex-husband. They got married because Fin's company announced an incentive to promote LGBTQ employees. So Fin married Dave, got the promotion, then promptly got a divorce and sued Dave for alimony. In complete contrast to the romantic Dave, Fin is aromantic and operates purely from a place of fiscal-sexuality – he’ll do anyone for the right price.



Becky is Dave’s unstable neighbor. Despite her spirituality and cheery facade, she’s selfish, petty and vengeful – she has a vision of what it looks like to be living her best life, and if anyone harshes her mellow, she will happily ruin their life. But, she will always say Namaste before doing so.


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Ian Nelson


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Jennifer Coolidge


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George Takei


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Forrest Goodluck


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Tyra Banks



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Eli Bock

Eli Bock is an accomplished writer, animator, and animation director whose credits include being an animation director for MTV's "Great Party Story Ever," an animator for Syfy's "Magical Girl Friendship Squad," and an animator for Cartuna's "Human Kind Of" and "Loafy." Eli has also animated for Snapchat, Amazon, Facebook, and Comedy Central. His latest work includes an animated pilot from Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, which is currently in post-production.

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Co-creator Ian Nelson plays the lead role of "Dave." Ian has acted in over twenty television shows and blockbuster films including "The Hunger Games," "The Boy Next Door" with Jennifer Lopez, "The Judge" with Robert Downey Jr, MTV's "Teen Wolf," IFC's Comedy Bang! Bang!," and Peacock's comedy series show-run by Paul Reiser, "There's Johnny."  Ian is also the President of 4205 Productions, where he writes, directs, and produces commercials and music videos - including an upcoming music video for Oscar-nominated actress, Abigail Breslin.

Ian Nelson

Half-Hour Outline of the Pilot

The Orgy

After a routine STD screening at DR. BEARENSTEIN’s office, DAVE meets a hunky guy named JOHN typing away on his phone in the waiting room. Upon chatting it up, Dave discovers that John is having trouble getting people to come to a “group event” that night at his house. Without hesitating or even getting the full details, Dave happily offers to “come party.”


That evening, Dave arrives at John's house only to find that John's "party" is actually an orgy. Thrown off his game by this sudden twist, Dave embarasses himself and fails to make any meaningful impression with John.


When leaving the orgy, John disinvites Dave to future gatherings, implying Dave is not “the orgy type.” However, Dave insists to John that his poor performance was simply “away game jitters.” Dave then invites John to Dave’s house next week for the orgy that Dave hosts, which is promised to be even bigger and better than John’s typical orgy. Of course, Dave is just bullshitting in order to get another chance with John, but John is intrigued by Dave’s lies and agrees to come.


Back at home, Dave strategizes with his grandmother, GRANNY DAVE on how to stage an elaborate orgy on his turf.​​


CUE MONTAGE of Dave and Granny Dave canvasing their neighborhood, going door-to-door passing out fliers.


Along the way, the two stop by to see FIN (Dave's ex-husband) so Dave can drop off his alimony check — as well as ask Fin if he’ll come to the orgy and play the role of “orgy shepherd” in order to herd the other orgy-goers away from John, to ensure that Dave has John all to himself.


In exchange for Fin’s orgy shepherding services, Dave offers triple alimony payments next month, and Fin agrees. So with Fin on board, the plan for Dave’s grand orgy is all set.


The following day, the orgy begins – and it’s going great. Big turnout and Dave has John all to himself because whenever any orgy patrons try to slide up towards John, Fin tackles them out of the way (which Fin plays off as a frisky sex pounce).


Dave and John are really starting to form a meaningful connection, until the doorbell rings.

Dave exits his room and heads to the front door to see his neighbor, BECKY, who is passive-aggressively brandishing a decibel meter. She insists that her cat is trying to sleep and that Dave needs to quiet down whatever “fresh hell” is happening in his flat… or else. Becky’s threat reads loud and clear, and Dave is terrified of his orgy getting ruined.


Dave returns to the bedroom and immediately starts going around the orgy shushing everybody – much to John’s distaste.


Dave sidles up back to John and tries to resume their conversation, but Dave keeps interrupting the conversation to go shush the loud moaners. As such, while Dave is busy trying to explain “silent thrusting,” to somebody, John’s attention drifts towards Fin, who is currently pinning down a girl who must have gotten a little too close to John. In stark contrast to Dave’s librarian-esque behavior, Fin’s obvious sexual dominance attracts John. So John edges up to Fin and gives him a “hey daddy.”


Dave clocks that and is horrified – Dave grabs Fin and pulls him aside: “Hey, great job today, Fin. I’ll take it from here." Dave hands Fin a check, and Fin exits the bedroom, happy to have cinched that triple alimony payment.


Dave heaves a sigh of relief, then turns back towards the orgy, but he doesn’t see John. He squints his eyes searching through the giant pile of bodies, “John, you there?” From the body pile, a couple voices pipe up: “Yeah?” “Right here!” “Over here!” Dave is going to have to be more specific: “No no, I'm looking for John Musk!”


Hearing John’s last name, Fin barges back into the bedroom. “Did you just say Musk?”

Upon discovering that John may or may not be related to billionaire Elon Musk, Fin has no desire to pass up the opportunity to woo a potential nepo-baby. Fin hands Dave back his check: “Screw your triple alimony payment, Dave,” Fin says, “I’m going after Tesla.”


And thus, a battle for John’s attention ensues between Dave and Fin: They attempt to chat up John while both Dave and Fin try to shut each other up by shoving various body parts into each others’ mouths. “Suck on my nipple, Dave.” “No, you eat my ass, Fin!”


Flustered and losing the war, Dave exits the bedroom to discuss a game plan with Granny Dave, who is busy baking phallic cookies for all the orgy patrons in the kitchen.


Feeling like he can’t beat Fin, Dave decides to abort the orgy. However, Granny Dave points out that John will hate Dave if Dave is the reason the orgy is canceled – rather, a better plan is to find a way to get Fin to be the one to ruin the orgy and pin it all on him. Dave has an idea.


Dave re-enters the bedroom to find Fin and John making out. Dave smugly walks over and encourages the two lovebirds. In fact, Dave tells John that he used to be married to Fin, and that Dave knows just the thing that really gets Fin off. Dave whispers the particular sex act in John’s ear, and John eagerly starts performing it on Fin off-camera.


While this is happening, Dave is conspicuously announcing to the room in a loud-whisper: “Remember everybody, we have to keep it down! Nobody here wants to be the asshole that gets the orgy canceled.” However, Fin can’t hold it in – whatever mysterious sex act John is doing to him off-camera results in Fin EXPLODING in the loudest, longest, decibel-heightening orgasm imaginable.


Just then, Becky breaks down the door to the bedroom, wielding a spray bottle filled with cat piss. She points it at Fin: “YOU! LOUD-ASS MOTHERFUCKER!” She douses Fin, then everyone else at the orgy. Becky demands, “EVERYBODY GO THE FUCK HOME. ORGY’S OVER.” Drenched in pungent piss, John is furious with Fin – but before leaving, John kisses Dave on the cheek and says, “It was a great orgy, Dave. ‘Til that asshole ruined it. Call me.”


The next day, Dave and John are holding hands in Dr. Bearenstein’s waiting room, flirting with each other. Dave amorously suggests another orgy next week, to which John agrees.

Just then, Dr. Bearenstein enters and explains that both Dave and John tested negative for everything… except for feline chlamydia.

John then slowly removes his hand from Dave’s hand and turns to glare at him. Dave whimpers, “Soo… same time next week?”

We end on a final scene of Dave at home with Granny Dave – the two are discussing plans on how to win John back after Dave was blamed for the feline STD. “John said nothing like that ever happens at his orgies,” Dave explains. “Well, maybe he’d forgive you if one of his orgies had an animal STD incident too,” Granny Dave posits. “Maybe we could plant some squirrel gonorrhea on his bedsheets?” “Fuck yeah. Let’s go to the park.”

Synopses For Other Season 1 Eps

The Lost Dog

Dave sees a beautiful girl on a lost dog flyer; her name is Kelsey. As an excuse to introduce himself, Dave gets a dog from the pound that looks extremely similar to hers as a conversation starter. The plan is to present the lookalike dog to Kelsey, then Dave will apologize for the confusion and invite her to dinner. The next day at Kelsey’s house, Dave’s plan hits a snag when Kelsey insists that she and Dave start trying to find the lookalike dog’s owner, (Kelsey none the wiser that the lookalike dog’s owner is in fact Dave.) So the two embark on a wild goose chase around LA for weeks, until Kelsey proposes that Dave simply adopt the dog permanently. While this is a boon for his relationship with Kelsey, Dave’s patience is quickly running thin as the dog is constantly pissing, shitting, and ripping up everything in Dave’s home. So Dave convinces Dr. Bearenstein to adopt the lookalike dog while also elaborately faking the dog’s death to Kelsey. However, Dr. Bearenstein starts going viral on Instagram after posting inspirational videos about how adopting this dog has cured his depression; and when Kelsey sees these posts in her feed, she is led to believe that Dr. Bearenstein is the scumbag that stole her original dog in the first place. Now Dave has to find a way to get the dog back from Dr. Bearenstein before Kelsey hunts the dog down and realizes that Dr. Bearenstein’s dog is the same lookalike dog that Dave faked a canine assassination for.

The Sugar Daddy

Dave goes on a date with a cute twink named Matt, who assumes Dave is rich and that Dave is willing to be Matt’s sugar daddy. Not wanting to disappoint, Dave decides to assume the role. However, because Dave is actually poor, he quickly realizes that his current setup is unsustainable. So Dave decides to get a sugar daddy for himself to subsidize his own sugar baby. However Dave is quickly spread too thin amidst the challenge of pleasing both his baby and daddy. Meanwhile, inspired by Dave’s sugar daddy ponzi scheme, Fin looks to get into the sugar baby business. Business is booming, so Fin scales the sugar baby workforce to meet the demand by hiring a fleet of Fin-lookalikes to please his geriatric customers.

The Exterminator

Becky has a small ant infestation, so she calls an exterminator. However, when Dave sees this gorgeous, voluptuous exterminator, Tiana, exiting from Becky’s flat, he quickly develops a crush. Dave gets the pest company’s info from Becky and calls to set up an appointment with Tiana. However, Dave is barely able to make conversation with her before she quickly leaves the flat, because Dave’s apartment is spotless and pest-free. So in order to create a longer chat window with Tiana, Dave buys cockroach eggs and plants them in the crevices of his apartment – and before long his flat is teeming with roach nymphs. So Dave calls the pest company again, but this time they send Daryl, a homely and undesirable exterminator. Dave asks about Tiana, but Daryl explains she got promoted to reptile duty. Not one to give up, Dave takes it upon himself to buy a bushel of snakes and populate his apartment with those. All the while, Becky is losing her mind over the mysterious and sudden influx of abnormal pests in the apartment building, so she takes it upon herself to find the one responsible and destroy that person. So with Becky on the case, Dave is running out of time – he must secure his date with Tiana before Becky discovers that he’s the one who’s been ruining the building.

The Crossing Guard

Dave has a crush on Lou, a crossing guard in Dave’s neighborhood. Dave really wants to win over Lou, so he asks Granny Dave if she’ll pretend to be a feeble old lady so Dave can help her cross the street and look like a hero in Lou’s eyes. However things go horribly wrong when Granny Dave develops feelings for Lou and sabotages Dave’s plan. From there, Dave and Granny Dave go toe-to-toe, dueling to win Lou’s heart. Their schemes escalate to the point where they must agree to a ceasefire lest there be mutually assured destruction. In the end, unable to come to terms, Dave and Granny Dave attend family counseling with Dr. Bearenstein to help iron out a treaty.

The Painting

Dave is dating Juliette, a sophisticated artist who he wants to impress. Through a series of double entendres and misunderstandings, Dave is led to believe that Juliette’s latest painting is not made from paint, but rather made from her period blood. Dave is fully supportive of this, and even goes as far as to broker a sale of the painting to Fin on the pretense that the painting is a revolutionary piece of outsider art. However, when Dave realizes that he misunderstood and that the painting is actually made from paint and not period, his relationship is in jeopardy when Fin comes asking for more “boundary breaking pieces” from Juliette. Not wanting Juliette to find out that Dave’s period blood misunderstanding is the root of her success, Dave has to take it upon himself to “paint” outsider art with his own bodily fluids and pass these pieces off as “Juliette originals” behind her back.

The Phobia

Dave is dating Randi, an incredible girl who happens to be egregiously homophobic. Disgusted by anti-queer people, Granny Dave begs Dave to break up with this girl, but Dave thinks he can make it work by hiding his sexual fluidity from Randi. Granny Dave begrudgingly promises to keep Dave’s secret, but wanting what’s best for her grandson, she concots ways to “out” Dave to Randi without explicitly saying he’s queer – such as by hiring a fleet of sexy speedo boys to arouse Dave in front of Randi. When that doesn’t work, Granny Dave gifts Dave a neon green dildo that stains Dave’s butthole glow-in-the-dark – now Dave must hide his glowing sphincter from Randi lest she learns Dave enjoys buttplay. 

The Trial

Dave and Becky are selected to serve on the jury for the all-but-confirmed murder case of Markenson vs The State of California. But unfortunately for the state of California, Dave is unable to be an impartial jury member because he thinks Markenson is hot. So in a 12 Angry Men-esque fashion, Dave has to convince the rest of the jury that Markenson is innocent. But it’s proving hard with the overwhelmingly guilty evidence. As such, Dave switches strategies and instead tries to convince his peers of how hot Markenson is, and how the real crime would be locking that face away for life. After two weeks in court, Dave is able to convince all of his fellow peers of how hot Markenson is – except for Becky, who gets the ick whenever Markenson says “libarry” when denying murdering the victim at the library.

The Interpreter

An Austrian Duchess named Augustina takes a liking to Dave while on holiday in Los Angeles. But Dave only has eyes for her hot interpreter named Steve. Steve likes Dave back, but he refuses to mix his personal and professional lives – and most importantly, he cannot betray Duchess Augustina. However, Dave devises a plan to seduce Steve by proxy: Dave will pitch woo to Augustina, but his words are meant for Steve. However, Dave gets carried away while flirting with “Augustina,” and the non-gender-specific dirty talk quickly turns very gay, which Steve accidentally translates to Augustina in the heat of the moment, which naturally leaves the Duchess furious. She then fires Steve, and if Dave wants any chance with Steve in the future, he will have to get Steve his job back before the Duchess returns to Austria.

The Release

Granny Dave is astonished by a heavily-televised scandal about a man named Jerome Williamson who was wrongfully imprisoned. She decides to take her fury to the picket lines where she is seen screaming “Fuck the police! Fuck the police!” However, while marching, she notices Police Chief Carson watching from the sidelines. So Granny Dave adjusts her hair, fixes her makeup, then heads over – Granny Dave plans to literally fuck the police in order to free Jerome Williamson. So Granny Dave seduces Chief Carson, but refuses to ever let him “finish,” constantly blue balling the old man. One night, Chief Carson is desperate for sexual release, so Granny Dave explains that the only way he’s getting release is if Jerome Williamson gets release too. And indeed he does, as the next morning Granny Dave sees the wrongful imprisonment overturned. However, following that, a breaking news story informs Granny Dave that there’s been another blatant case of wrongful imprisonment. And just then, Chief Carson shows up at her door, explaining that their sex last night was the best sex of his life. So Granny Dave gets stuck in a cycle where she has to keep dating the Police Chief in order to free these innocent civilians, but Chief Carson’s sexual release is so satisfying that he just keeps locking up more civilians in order to keep Granny Dave coming back.

Seasons 2, 3, 4, and Beyond

We believe that there are endless stories to tell with Dave, as well as his supporting cast of desperate misfits. We have endless narrative concepts for these five very flawed, very proactive characters, and believe that an episodic comedy like this has the life and legs to go on for many years to come.

Scripts for Proof of Concept (Shorts)

The Crossing Guard

The Lost Dog

The Painting

The Sugar Daddy

The Phobia Pt. 1

The Phobia Pt. 2


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